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Theresia Hadatu


In existing condition IPLT Supit Urang has not been operated properly. Some parameters do not comply with Waste Water Quality Standards of the Republic of Indonesia Minister of Environment and Forestry Regulation Number 68 of 2016. There is a design incompability and some units are not operating. The re-design of treatment systems is needed. The purpose of this final project is to re-design IPLT Supit Urang units to meet the quality standards and compile the Bill of Quantity (BOQ) and the budget plan. The data were collected using the field survey method and data requesting to several related agencies. The data are regarding to the influent discharge, influent sludge characteristics, effluent characteristics, population data, and the whole existing condition of the IPLT. The planned service percentage is 60% of the population who have permanent and/or semi-permanent septic tanks. With 7 service days, the obtained fecal sludge influent flow is 119 m3/day. The existing IPLT Supit Urang planned by DPUPR Malang City has comply with the quality standards, but it uses 1368 m2 space of land with treatment capacity is only 45 m3/day. The revitalization alternative of IPLT is planned using the SSC unit, aeration tank, clarifier, SDB and disinfection tank. With a total land needed of 2083 m2 for treatment capacity of 119 m3/day. The calculation of BOQ and RAB are using HSPK Malang 2016 and the budget plan is Rp. for the whole construction.


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