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Nafiah Afuw Rouf


Coal fly ash is a by product of coal-fired power plants. According to the Government Regulation Number 101/ 2014, fly ash is identified as hazardous waste (Limbah B3). In consequence, the unmanaged fly ash leads to serious environmental and health concerns. On the other hand, coal fly ash can be considered as low cost mineral sources containing predominant oxides such as SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, and CaO. This study included a case study on coal fly ash of PT PJB UBJ O&M PLTU Paiton Unit 9. Recovery of fly ash by using direct acid leaching method with HCl 20%, L/S ratio (10:1), and then heated until 100oC. Then, the pilot plant recovery system was designed for 100 kg/h of fly ash capacity. The estimated recovery of aluminum and iron was about 21,8 kg/h. The fly ash-based coagulant could be applied in the coagulation flocculation process for coal washing wastewater. The coagulant could remove TSS approximately 1.033,2 kg/day (from the initial TSS of 1.275,6 kg/day).


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