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Annissa Desiarista


One of the ways of processing medical waste is by burning it using an incinerator. This study aims to examine the effect of combustion time, combustion temperature, and blower pressure on the ability of Static Incinerator of RSUD Dr.Soetomo Surabaya with a capacity of 2 m³ and 3 m³ in infectious medical waste combustion. The variables in this study are combustion time (minutes) 80, 100, and 120; combustion temperatures (°C) 800, 1000 and 1200; blower pressures (mbar) 10, 20, and 30. The observed parameters are the weight of medical waste after being burned, post combusted ash quality, and the quality of smoke from medical waste combustion, and TCLP’s and Air Emission test. From the results of research and processing data, it was concluded that the higher the combustion time and temperature, the better the combustion process due to the fulfillment of heating values for the ignition process so that the percentage of the ash residue removal ability increases. Whereas for the blower pressure depending on the incinerator condition, the greater the blower pressure, the greater the amount of air demand that enters, allowing perfect combustion to increase the quality of the smoke produced.


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