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Rudhy Akhwady


Plankton as an indicator of abundance was strongly influenced by nutrient availability and the distribution of nutrients. Distribution patterns and the availability of elements around the habitat structure also influenced by the turbulence around the artificial reefs that occured. Thus, the water fertility can be enhanced by improving the level of turbulence. This paper reviewed flow pattern around a cylindrical reef, with deployment of artificial reef expected increasing turbulence and amount of plankton amount in the vicinity of artificial reefs. The measurement data showed a progress about intensity of turbulence that occured between the hollows cylindrical reefs and measured in condition any reefs (existing) at least 1.022 and 0.655 in reefs condition. The existence of this artificial reefs were expected to increase plankton abundance and againts plankton then make them to keep moving inward and  impassing on artificial reef toward coastal becaused of wave celerity in order to do spawning, nursing and growing safely.

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