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Lily Oktavia


The research objective was to determine the ability of bacteria INOLA-121 by reducing the concentration of sugar mill effluent BOD520 and to find the relationship between dosing of INOLA-121, additional of baffle reactor, and the effect on the efficiency of detention time aerated lagoon. The study was conducted in the laboratory with continuous flow. Test reactor volume 50 liter with variable concentrations of INOLA-121 were added at 3 mg/l, 4 mg/l and 5 mg/l, detention time variation of 1 and 2 days, and adding variable baffle. Test parameters are BOD520, DO, TSS, MLVSS, pH, and temperature. The results showed that the addition of baffles in the reactor test in td=2 days provide efficiency decreased BOD520 quite well even without the addition of INOLA-121, which is 89.3%. Efficiency with the addition of INOLA-121 in 5 mg/l , td=2 days reached 91.2%. The efficiency with baffles and adding INOLA-121 in 5 mg/l, td=2 days gained 91.3%. This study shows that the addition of baffles in aerated lagoon treatment as efficient besides the addition of INOLA-121 that will accelerate the reaction in degrading organic sugar mill effluent. The longer the detention time, the better the percentage reductionof BOD520 is achieved and efficiency of the test reactor aerated lagoon can achieve 80-92%.

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