Publishing Ethics

Publication is the final stage of research and the responsibility of the authors. This publication is expected to be a basis for new research and/or application of research. Therefore, the publication ethics for authors are including:

  • Reported research must be ethical and responsible.
  • The authors report the results of the study clearly, honestly, without forgery and data manipulation.
  • The submitted manuscript is original, does not copy work other works, and has never been sent and/or published in another journal.
  • The authors can explain methods clearly so that his/ her writings can be accepted by others.
  • The authors must report revision results from the reviewer.
  • Other authors who contributed to research articles must approve the final results to be published.
  • The authors must be responsible for the journals that have been sent and published in the Purification Journal.

The Purification Journal's processing charges for your manuscript is 0.00 IDR (FREE).

Copyright and Licensing

The Purification Journal has the right to publication, where articles submitted have never been published elsewhere. All articles published are under the Creative-Common license with Attribution-Share Alike.


Copyright and Notice